February has become a fashion-crazed month full of red carpet glamour and fashion weeks across the country. Here in Kansas City, we are diving right into the fashion focus. While we aren’t in the fashion capital of the world, there are trendy spots full of fashionistas all over the city.

I’ll take us on a little tour through Kansas City to show off the local districts full of creative restaurants, shopping, and events.

River Market

River Market is not just a historical neighborhood that houses a weekly farmer’s market. In River Market you’ll find any type of dining you could want, from Mexican to Italian to Vietnamese. The farm to table movement is alive and well here, where you can find menus full of organic ingredients in exciting combinations.

Garment District

Kansas City Garment District is the place to shop. The local boutiques here have unique fashion that you can’t find other places in the city. Plus, you can sip a cocktail while you browse.

Crossroads Art District

You can find one of us in one of our favorite local districts. The Crossroads Art District is the creative heart of the city with unique restaurants and fun shops. On the first Friday of every month, the buildings and streets become a giant art gallery filled with flowing streams of people who enjoy the food, drinks, and art. A free annual fashion show is held on W. 18th Street every year.

More to Explore

This list covers just a few of the fashionable hot spots in Kansas City. What are your favorite shopping and dining spots? We’d love to hear the places you go for fashion or creative inspiration. For more Kansas City fashion news, stay connected with Studio 39 Salon on Facebook.