We all love summer! Bare shoulders, flirty skirts, tank tops with a little bling, the racer back style and sandals which dress it all up or down, depending on the height of the heel. There are lots of choices for when it comes to summer clothes but what about your hairstyle?

Curly Hair

If you are one of those lucky women with naturally curly hair, summer is your time baby! Especially if you’ve had a Deva Curl hair cut which emphasizes the natural curls and waves that you have been blessed to have? Curly hair needs very little attention if you have a good hair cut. Add a rolled up and tied bandana to your look. Curly heads look great in a summer hat or pull back the bangs in a clip during a breezy summer day! Make sure to use DevaCurl products that will help you get the most out of those natural curls and waves this summer.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, consider  a long bob to emphasize the body and fullness of your hair. Put your hair in a slick back pony tail when the humidity is high or push your hair behind one ear and pin with a blingy barrette or invisible bobby pin. Make sure you use a good leave in conditioner if your hair is dry. If you do swim in a pubic pool make sure you rinse the chlorine out of your hair right after a dip in the pool. Chlorine can dry out your hair and if you have your hair colored, you may want to avoid chlorinated pools all together. Taking care of your color between appointments will help make your color last longer.

Long HairStudio 39 Salon color

This is the perfect time for those stylish braids or if you’ve never tried balayage, June-September months are a great time for this darker to lighter natural look.  One of the best things about balayage is it’s low maintenance care.  Pool time sun will also lighten the highlights so a balayage may last longer than an all over color treatment or highlights! Balayage for blondes and brunettes is a perfect summer hair style.  The technique looks great on longer straight, curly or wavy hair! Make sure that your stylist has the experience to do a balayage. It is a technique that can’t be learned during a week-end course. The color sweeping technique should look sun kissed and natural. If your stylist breaks out the foils for your balayage color, stop him or her and leave. Balayage is not done with foils or strips but with a light sweeping motion on the top of the hair strands.

Change your clothes and change your hair!

You change your clothes with the changing seasons; try something different with your hair. Straight, curly, or long. Let your inner summer shine and try something new!