Tips to Keep Hair Healthy in Summer

How you treat your hair this summer determines how your hair will look for the rest of the year, so take care of it! Summer fun can take its toll on hair but if you follow these tips your hair will survive the summer.  SPF and Hair.  SPF is not an ingredient, it's an acronym for "sun protection factor". Skin is a living tissue and ... More

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7 Money- Saving, Green Beauty Tips

If you are a makeup artist or fancy yourself one, looking for natural ways to take care of your skin can sometimes be expensive. Department stores offer its customer’s brands like Lancome, Sephora, Dior, MAC, and Clinique. These are a few of the more expensive brand names you can spend your money on trying to look good. There are also ... More

The Beauty Benefits of Coconut & Olive Oil

We have a saying in our house if it's not from Costco you probably don't need it. I have purchased everything from electronics for home and business, clothing ( like my favorite Calvin Klein Jeans) and of course groceries, all from Costco. Did you know that you can also benefit from some of the food products for your beauty routine as well? ... More

Cattle Country

Before Big Goverment and Big Corporation took over the meat industry, this part of the country was filled with Cattleman. Ranchers. Men who bred, raised , bought  & sold steer for the table. My gramps was one of those men, so trust me, I cannot live without a delish rib-eye every now and again..but those were the days before antib... More

Beauty Products & Estrogen Dominance

 Estrogen dominance could be responsible for many illnesses in America. Here are  a few(ahem) symptoms.. Allergies, including asthma, hives, rashes, sinus congestion Autoimmune disorders such as lupus erythematosis and thyroiditis, and possibly Sjoegren's disease Breast cancer Breast tenderness Cervical dysplasia Cold hands and feet ... More