You need a license to do that! Part II

(This is part two or a two part Blog post on licensing in our industry) Last month I discussed my own discovery of our industry’s licensing by the State Board and what you need to be aware of in order to protect your personal health and well-being.  This month I continue the topic and start by telling you about the way we are educated in ... More

You need a license to do that!

Part I This is Part I of a two part Blog post on licensing in our industry. Check here to see if who you are paying for beauty services is actually licensed or not! Have you ever been confused about what kind of license a hairstylist has versus a makeup artist. Do you know if the person doing your bikini wax or manicure has a license? If ... More

I’m not getting a pixie cut?

If you follow Studio 39 Salon on Instagram like I do, you might have seen me. I am the (cough-cough) year old who finally had the nerve to do what I probably should have done a year ago, have my hair cut and colored by a professional who knows what they’re doing. If you’re like me, you also follow Gemy and Studio 39 on Facebook. She posts ... More

Studio 39 to offer ‘S39 Concierge Service’

The last quarter of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 mark an exciting time for Studio 39 Salon and our clients. We are thrilled to announce that we will be moving to a new location in the Crossroads. We will be leaving our 900 square-foot studio for a 3500 square foot, state-of-the-art salon, spa, and beauty store. Our new location will ... More

Wedding Hair for the Bride to Be

June is the month for summer weddings. What can be prettier than a June bride? A December bride, an April Bride, a November Bride… OK. They are all beautiful, of course. But there is something extra special about a June Bride. Many June brides got engaged at Christmas and the 6 months leading up to the summer wedding is a flurry of planni... More

Inside look at Studio 39 Salon

I want to introduce myself as well as say "hello" to the beauty industry in which I recently emerged. I am Michelle Crane and I began working at Studio 39 Salon in January. I attended Paul Mitchell the School-Nashville recently graduated in October 2012. Born and raised in Olathe, KS I decided to come back to my home state and work for an ... More

Good Clients, Things to Consider..

Tips on Good Salon Etiquette for Clients My last two blog posts have been about finding a good salon, and tips on what to look for in a stylist. Sooo I've been really dragging my feet about this last post, but after much input from stylists from several salons(not just mine) and questions from clients.. I am reluctantly posting this. The ... More

Tips on What To Look For in A Good Hair Stylist

  My last post was key things to look for when searching for a new salon. To carry on this three part series, this a general overview of things to remember when you found that salon you've been searching for, and now you are ready to choose your stylist.  If you have specific hair needs; such as being a double process blonde, ... More

Tips On How To Find A Good Hair Salon: Don’t Believe the Hype

  Who knew Flavor Flave had such pearls of wisdom hidden in his rhymes? Don’t believe the indeed correct with many things, even when choosing a hair salon. Through the years we have had many new clients who start their appointment booking something like this..” Well I went to this salon that was supposed to be the best ... More