Braiding 101, A Braid Tutorial

Braids Are Back Hair braiding is still hot his winter of 2012, and will regain momentum this spring with the weather heats up again.Not sure how to do it on yourself? Well I NEVER knew how to braid in all my 36 years until my former assistan-t now star stylist of the... More

More Hair Extension Tips

Hair extensions are huge right now. In fact bigger than ever! It seems all the hottest hair trends right now require one thing – LENGTH, and lots of it. In order to achieve true ombre hair color, you need long hair. Sexy long waves? You need length. Often, even... More

Balayage Hilighting 101

Original post written by Gemy in June 2010 Lately there has been a lot of buzz with balayage ( sometimes spelled baliage) highlights. We receive calls almost every day with inquiries about this technique, especially this time of year. So what is it? Well, first off... More