The Shocking Truth About Midwest Skin

Courtesy disclaimer: If you gross out easily, this is a post about clinical skincare facts with images as examples.    It’s far more than “just a facial.” Skin and Bacteria The average American spends more on professional teeth cleaning than... More

Hair Banding

Hair Banding & Corrective Color Color Banding Causes of Color Banding May 1st, 2017 With box hair color we often see a situation we refer to as “banding”. Banding is most visible when box color is repeatedly used at home on darker hair and someone is trying to... More

Lumiere Associate Stylist Services

Lumiere is French for “Light”. We are excited to launch a new menu with affordable price options. These classic salon services are an alternative to some of our higher priced services. These are “lighter” versions of services offered by our more advanced... More

Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

You watch the full segment of Gemy on Better Kansas City discussing this topic with Alexis Del Cid of KCTV. Balance is Key As we age its hard to tell if you should stick to one look or witch it up. We say SWITCH because it keeps things fresh and a new style builds... More

Choosing The Right Bang For Your Face

To cut bangs or not? Bangs are a hair fashion staple. Personally I cut them once every few years. They are a little separate cut within your style. It is important to have a stylist confident cutting bangs! Sometimes they are to thin which makes them look accidental.... More

Seasonal Skincare

Skincare routines should change for the seasons! Click here to watch the segment of Gemy on Better Kansas City KCTV5 !   More

How To Shampoo The Right Way

You may think a post on how to shampoo the right way isn’t necessary but hair washing can be confusing. Most of us were taught to wash hair every day growing up. Now pro’s recommend shampooing only a couple times a week. With terms like sulfates and the... More

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is becoming a big concern for many women. Hair growth products are a growing market but it’s important to know what may be the cause before you need them.  Hair “shed” is normal. Hair can shed up to 150 strands a day because new hair is... More

Original Studio 39

West 39th street was built in the mid 1800’s when old Westport was growing. It’s one of Kansas City’s oldest Districts rich with history. I was happy when fellow neighborhood business White Lights Bookstore took our space. The neighborhood has... More

Corrective Hair Color After Box Dye

Home Hair Color Home hair color is something we ask about because if you want to change it later, it will be a big process. Though there appears to be a myriad of color choices, it is a marketing move to make you feel good about the box YOU choose. A colorist... More